Voice Control or Voice Assistance: Which One Do You Need At Home?

A couple is in bed speaking to their Josh.ai system to manage their smart home without getting up.

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Having a smart home means much more than just installing some fancy devices on your property. It's about creating truly enjoyable experiences at home and a luxurious lifestyle. One of the best ways to achieve this is by integrating a voice control system that helps you efficiently manage your smart home.

But what really is voice control? Is it the same as voice assistance? Well, that's exactly what we'll discuss in this blog! Keep reading to learn what having a voice control system is and how it can improve your life in Reno, NV! 

Voice Control vs. Voice Assistance

During the last decade, using voice commands to manage your smart home and other devices has become quite popular. Since then, the terms "voice control" and "voice assistant" have been used almost interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same.

Voice assistants are technologies that, after you speak a voice command, perform data-related tasks for you. For example, they send a text message, tell you the weather, or search for something online. A voice control system, on the other hand, allows you to operate and manage your devices without ever using your hands. For example, you can adjust your shades, tune your lights, or turn on your speaker system with just your voice. 

Which One Do I Need at Home?

While voice assistants may be impressive and helpful for some people, the truth is they are not the best choice to provide you with the luxury lifestyle and unique experiences you deserve. A voice control system, such as Josh a.i., will help you customize your surroundings to achieve the perfect living space without having to deal with complicated technology programming. Simply speak to your system naturally, just as you would to a friend, and it becomes your hands and feet - adjusting your smart home to your liking. No movement or programming or required!

At Wilkcomm, we are deeply committed to helping you make your life easier and your home more enjoyable. Are you ready to integrate voice control technology into your home? Reach out to us right here to learn more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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