Smart Home Systems

It’s All in the Details

In today's fast paced world convenience is a commodity that is in high demand. Home automation offers both the convenience and efficiency that you are looking for saving you both time and money. At Wilkcomm, our goal is to provide you with the solutions you need to be in total control of your home environment, even when you're not home. Our Home Automation solutions offer the simplicity and security of being able to control your entire environment with the touch of a remote control screen or from your mobile devices. We offer systems that are designed for the specific needs and desires of our customer. Maybe you want that HDTV to come on to your favorite channel when you come home from work? Or maybe you want your shades to close on a hot day to save you money? How about checking on your house while you are away on vacation? No matter what your needs are, CALL US for a design appointment! We offer many different options that seamlessly integrate into your busy lifestyle and turn your home, into a smart home.